Yulia Personal Trainer Toronto

personal trainer toronto

Fitness coach for seniors

Experienced yoga instructor with a solid background of teaching yoga in different settings. Student focused, with a deep knowledge of anatomy and different styles of yoga.

Yulia’s yoga practice is designed to give you a healthy mind and a flexible body. In her classes she focuses on Mindfulness, body awareness, balance and strength.

Yulia is a Hatha yoga teacher, she received her teacher training in Toronto at the Esther Myers yoga studio. Where she was trained in a student-centered approach to yoga.

Yulia’s yoga classes designed to meet modern needs and expectations but are still true to the ancient art, science, and philosophy of Hatha yoga.
Hatha yoga is a practice, originated in India. It unifies physical and mental disciplines. It makes us healthy, alert and receptive, transforming our perception of the world and the way we live in it.